Randy SavoiePublic Relations Radio and TV Consultant

    With more than a decade of local and national TV and radio under his belt, Randy has had lead and live stories on WWL-TV, WVUE-TV, WDSU-TV and WGNO-TV.   WDSU-TV (NBC) interviewed Randy regarding a feature he wrote for Offbeat Magazine- “Paul McCartney Goes to Mardi Gras“.

    Jackie Lusher, Computer Research and Administration

    Jackie had 2 decades of service administration experience before joining Windhorse, helping with our computer research and administration work.

    Charmaine Wendy Henderson, Customer Service and Marketing Rep.

    Wendy had an 8-year career in the Army and then for 15 years had her own cleaning business before joining Windhorse as our Custom er Service and Marketing Rep.

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