Paul O’ConnorStrategist and Corporate Game Theorist

    Paul is a professional, collaborative and visionary Design Thinker and Innovation Catalyst, with highly developed creative problem-solving skills, and a passion for sustainable and transformative innovation, and the cultures that support it. A recognized Strategic Thinker (in top 1.8% of general population), able to focus on big problems and identify inherent and emerging opportunities, whilst managing conflicting technical needs and stakeholder interest, within shifting contexts – skills developed over 22 years through former career roles as a professional architect, business consultant and entrepreneurial business owner. Experienced ‘Serious Games’ Designer; gamification exercises that are delivered and facilitated through highly immersive workshop experiences, scenario-based exercises, simulations and wargames; that are used to explore complex technical and social challenges, resulting in increased awareness and insight, deeper understanding and sustainable solutions. Inspiring and deeply empathic communicator, facilitator and mentor.

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