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Our consulting service is proven by decades of experience with 100’s of clients, 1000’s of marketing funnel designs, 10,000 media buys, and over 1600 hands-on consulting sessions. We are world-class, and we provide cutting edge marketing best-practices to client companies worldwide. We don’t just give recommendations for improved operations and marketing.  We implement our proprietary marketing system help you 10X your business.

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If you want your practice or your company to be in the top 1% of your field, we can show you the formula and we’ll take each step along the way with you. Don’t settle for ok or good. Let us take you and your business into legacy status.

  • Get more targeted pr exposure.
  • Get more patients.
  • Get more leads.
  • Get more clients and customers.
  • get more business and make more money.

Windhorse® Corporation was founded by Dr. Gary Arnold in 1988. It was incorporated, service marked and trademarked in 1992. We have a global client base. Our clients have included Physicians, Dentists, Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Ophthalmology, along with local, national and international Corporations.

Some of our more than 500 clients include Exxon, Chevron, Glaxo Smith Kline, Schering-Plough, East Jefferson Hospital, Pousson Family Dentistry, Vitality Health, AARP and Direct Auto.

Don’t let your marketing results limp along. Let Windhorse® consulting and marketing 10X your business. Do you want to know the best practices of the top 1% in your market? If you want to skyrocket the number of new leads and clients, dominate your market, expand product sales or services, recruit and retain top employees, acquire a competitor, or sell your business for the best price, then call us today. We want to help.


Do you want to 10X your business?

Our consulting service is world-class (see our client list).  For thirty years we’ve been providing cutting edge best practice technologies to client companies worldwide.  We do more than give recommendations for improved operations, we implement tools and techniques that 10X businesses.   Then we help implement those recommendations and track the results.

We believe that your philosophy and view of your business is like a ship’s rudder that keeps your business (and your life) on course.  Our marketing resources, integrated content management and broad range of digital media experience accelerates client acquisition better than any other system out there.  Better decisions and better marketing tools, better analytics, and decades of hands-on experience mean better quality, more new prospects and clients, greater office efficiency, more creativity and productivity and a greater ROI.

We believe your business and your personal life evolves together.  Rapidly.  Our consultants know the signals when companies and their marketing is in sync or out of sync.  We know digital and media information flow.   We know social media analysis that ensures top search rankings, keeping your clients and prospects in the loop.  We know the new realities of the workplace and the effect of increasing competition and we know how to cut through all the social media noise and even with all the information overflow, we keep you and your company in the forefront, being noticed. After all, technology, information flow, global services, and the reality of sustaining a competitive advantage is fluid, subject to day to day trends and news consideration.  So our marketing SYSTEM is fluid.  If flows subject to current community and social media trends.  We improve your marketing campaigns quickly, objectively, at a reasonable cost and with integrity.

CALL US TODAY and see if you qualify to have us work with you.   (800)-472-1320

Our Training Programs


Leadership development, management development, supervisory training, customer care, Strategic thinking and business planning, sales and marketing development.


Management Development

This course can help solve your management skill gap issue. We offer a step-by-step guide for Management growth. Training includes How to Build Top-performing Teams, Learn How to Think Like Management, Find the Competitive Advantage, Strategy Execution, Lead Change. Your managers will learn MBA-level concepts and practices, and how to apply them immediately at work.

Customer Service

There are specific customer service skills every employee must master. If they are interacting with your customers, vendors or prospects they must master not just good, but great customer service skills. Without them, they put your business at risk and headed for an embarrassing customer service train-wreck. Stop losing customers and prospects. Let us show your team how to apply the best-practices of customer service skills in your business.


Sales training Workshop

Windhorse Corporation’s Sales Training program shows your Sales Executives how to create high-performance sales skills.


Supervisory Training

Windhorse Corporation studies show that an employee’s immediate supervisor is one of the most important influences on employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Time Management Skills

Our training demonstrates the essential time management skills, like Goal Setting, Prioritization, Self-awareness, Self-motivation, Accountability, Focus, Time Documentation, and Decision Making.






Our leadership development programs and keynote talks blend fast paced, interactive classroom instruction with extensive practical experience. We focus on results and skills you can use on the job – instantly employing our reinforcement tools. We train and entertain participants, reinforce skills and measure the impact. Even though it’s fun, we focus on results! We use several learning approaches designed to meet the needs of the organization, the audience, and the task at hand.

Corporate Consulting

We take a hands on, value driven, bottom line approach to organizational development, training, and consulting. We develop leaders who excite their teams, get the job done, and help people get excited about their results .

Executive Coaching

High Profile companies have high profile executives. Our Clients are seeking our broad based expertise in a wide variety of industrial environments. We have a knowledge that is largely experiential in strategic planning, marketing and sales, product launch, customer service, conflict resolution and presentation skills. And we have a passion for our clients who want to accelerate their personal and business success –on purpose.


Accolades come in continuously for our consulting, coaching services, CD study programs, books and keynote presentations.

  • “I wanted to be sure to send you a letter thanking you for your wonderful presentation at the MBA’s Conference. Your message was powerful, humorous, and thoughtfully delivered. I think the absolute silence of the audience when you stopped speaking, before the applause, was very telling. No one wanted to interrupt the mood and end the presentation. We heard only fantastic comments and our conference surveys all gave you a rating of “EXCELLENT”. I will certainly feel confident recommending you as a speaker for other MBA events.”

    R. E. Froass, Assoc. Dir. Mortgage Bankers of America
  • “Thank you very much for your lecture on “Stress Management”. In plain and simple language your concepts and examples captivated the audience. Our committee is looking forward to your acceptance for a series of lectures in the near future.”

    F. R. Larrain, MD C. M. E. Program Clinica San Borja, Peru
  • “Thank you for the incredible skills you bring to promoting our practice. You have renewed the hope and enthusiasm for attaining our long-term goals! It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to work with you! Thank you.”

    Dr. David Pousson, DDS Pousson Family Dentistry
  • “Gary is a master of mind exploration. He gives consciousness a new power.”

    A. Fensin Author of Life the Owner’s Manual
  • “Gary’s message turns the impossible into ‘I’m Possible.”

    W Mitchell Author of The Man Who Would Not Be Defeated
  • “Please accept this check on behalf of Varian Oncology Systems, for the Beyond Survivorship Seminar. Congratulations, again, on the excellent job of negotiations by all parties for the Clinic.”

    K. A. Cassidy, Dist. Mgr. Varian Oncology Systems

Marshall Sullivan, Inc

The Foundation/ East Jefferson Hospital

John Mason

The author of An Enemy Called Average, Cheryl Prewitt Salem, former Miss America

Dan Kennedy

The author of the Ultimate Marketing Plan

Joseph G. Lake

EVP of the Children’s Miracle Network

William Metcalf

Former NFL Hall of Fame

Dr. Gregg Thomas

Pastor, Christian Faith Ministries

Ben Love

Boy Scouts of America

Angelo A. Cicchino

Cicchino Enterprises

Bart Star

Jr, Publisher, New Orleans Publishing Group

Gary L. Copp

President of SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune Up

Stevens Odom

CEO of Stevens Diversified Marketing

Rocky Bleier

Four time NFL Super Bowl Champion

Our Clients

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