Our Training Programs

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development For Results
  • Executive Leadership Development For Results
  • Managing Change For Results
  • Supervisory Development For Results
  • Sales Development For Results
  • Customer Service For Results
  • Leadership For Results
  • Time Management For Results
  • Public Speaking For Results
  • Team Building For Results

By now I’m sure you see a pattern.   We don’t just teach, give a class and pass on information.  We want your people to learn, remember and apply the program.  We focus on development – with a purpose – results.

Continuing developing of your people is the single most effective way to differentiate your organization from the competition.  Your training programs are designed for today’s business environment, fast paced and changing.  Demands are greater.   Information is faster.  Solutions are more complex.

Windhorse Corporation provides a full range of innovative solutions for organizational training and development needs.  We provide work place simulations, performance support and learning portals to track progress, monitor advancements, and help answer tough questions to presented content.

Every Program is customized.  We know your needs and goals are unique.  So are we.

Human Capital Management

Leadership development, management development, supervisory training, customer care, Strategic thinking and business planning, sales and marketing development.

Management Development

This course is a step-by-step guide for Management. Training includes exercises, work related reference materials, self-assessments, practice exercises, case studies and action plans. Daily Practice Cards are developed by Management.  These are pocket-sized reference tools are designed to serve as a daily reminder of the customer service practices learned in the training program.  This helps reinforce the desired behaviors. This course energizes Managers to create an environment that works for customers and staff.

Course Objective:
Increasing Manager and customer service excellence

The Four half-day training modules include:

Module l.
Essential practices for the front line staff

  • Generating a spirit of service
  • Leading by example
  • Developing your people
  • Building trust
  • Focus the organization on customer needs

Module 2.
Managing Feedback and Communication

  • Renown customer service takes feedback from customers and front line staff
  • manage feedback and communication
  • Create strategies for responding to feedback
  • Generate positive energy through feedback

Module 3.
Measuring Service

  • what is most important to customers about your service?
  • How to measuring it
  • Design measures for service areas that are important to your customers
  • Build measurement into organizational and staff performance
  • Make measurement fun and motivating

Module 4.
Recognizing Excellence

  • Staff recognition
  • recognition, both formal and informal
  • What people value about working for you
  • Develop service standards and build them into jobs
  • Energize staff to delight customers through effective recognition

Supervisory Training

Windhorse Corporation studies show that an employee’s immediate supervisor is one of the most important influences on employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction. No one is a natural-born supervisor.  Employment law is rapidly evolving and few have even a basic understanding of employment law without formal training.  Windhorse provides supervisory training designed to improve the supervisor’s knowledge of employment law, management and delegation skills, communication skills, project completion skills as well as improve the supervisor’s skill in leading and coaching others.

Supervisory training topics include:

  • Interviewing and Selection
  • Discipline and Termination
  • Managing through a Union Organization Effort
  • Communication skills
  • Delegation skills
  • Recruiting and Selection Planning
  • Work and Organizational Goals
  •  Employee Relations Training
  • Individual and Team Development

Sales training Workshop

Achieving Organizational Impact With Sales Training
Module Time (3 Days)

Workshop Objectives:
Exceptional Sales using Exceptional Sales Methods

Windhorse Corporation’s Sales Training program shows the Sales Executive you how to create a high-performance sales skills. This workshop is designed to show how to manage the sales function, how to align sales with organizational needs, how to deliver cost-effective, first-class sales presentations.

Workshop agenda:

  • creating a high-performance sales function
  • align sales with the organization’s requirements
  • prove your sales value and gain credibility
  • solutions to in-house selling problems
  • Cost management and sales materials
  • marketing yourself, your product and your department
  • gain control over the sales process
  • monitor your sales effectiveness
  • creating a professional image
  • exceeding management’s expectations
  • Using a comprehensive memory aid, checklists and job aids
  • Translating your company mission statement into sales objectives
  • Write a sales mission statement.
  • Formulate priorities and plans
  • sales and the Customer listening/buying process
  • Establishing rapport
  • getting management participation in the sales process
  • Identifying sales training needs
  • Set up a sales evaluation system
  • Evaluate the design of training programs
  • Evaluate the delivery of sales programs
  • Evaluate sales performance
  • Make your customers “performance consultants.”
  • Monitor and control the sales budget
  • Select outside coaches and courses

Customer Service

Customer relationship analysis, Customer Management, Sales and Vendor and in -house departments, telecommunications and Internet redesign.

Time Management Skills

Become aware of how to use time as a resource in organizing, prioritizing, and implementing their success.

Time Management Agenda:

  • Being Aware of competing activities: friends, work, family
  • Strategies on using time:
  • Developing blocks of time
  • Frequent scheduled breaks
  • Weekly reviews and updates
  • Prioritize assignments
  • Beginning with the most difficult subject or task
  • Develop power work places free from distractions
  • “Dead time” traps
  • Relaxation time: walking, riding, reading, working ou
  • Reading and studying time
  • Critical events time: Papers, meetings, presentations, deadlines, etc.
  • Criteria for adjusting your schedule
  • “To Do” list
  • Writing things down,
  • Decide what to do, what to schedule for later, what to get someone else To do, and what to put off for a later time period
  • Daily/weekly planner
  • How to write down appointments and meetings on a chronological log book
  • Visually sketch out your schedule
  • Morning agenda – to dos –  First things First,
  • What to do before sleep knowing you’re prepared for tomorrow
  • Long term planner
  • Use a monthly chart so that you can plan ahead.
  • Long term planners

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