Dr. Gary ArnoldCEO and Founder

    Dr. Arnold is a “rock star” public speaker, digital marketing executive, strategist and business consultant. As an expert in business PR, he has circumnavigated the globe 22 times giving over 1400 keynotes and consulting sessions. His client list looks like the Fortune 500’s Who’s Who.

    Two of his last five companies were sold to public companies. As the CEO of Windhorse since 1988, (Windhorse was incorporated in 1992) he created a multi-million-dollar company with Fortune 500 clients, government agencies, dozens of online communities and hundreds of local and regional companies.

    Gary is a board member and President of Second Line Arts Collective

    (https://www.secondlinearts.org) , a New Orleans 501(c)(3) devoted to artistic musical excellence for students ages 13-19. And he owns and operates The New Orleans Speakers Bureau, (http://www,speakers.org) Louisiana’s oldest and largest speakers bureau.

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