• “I wanted to be sure to send you a letter thanking you for your wonderful presentation at the MBA’s Conference. Your message was powerful, humorous, and thoughtfully delivered. I think the absolute silence of the audience when you stopped speaking, before the applause, was very telling. No one wanted to interrupt the mood and end the presentation. We heard only fantastic comments and our conference surveys all gave you a rating of “EXCELLENT”. I will certainly feel confident recommending you as a speaker for other MBA events.”

    R. E. Froass, Assoc. Dir. Mortgage Bankers of America
  • “Thank you very much for your lecture on “Stress Management”. In plain and simple language your concepts and examples captivated the audience. Our committee is looking forward to your acceptance for a series of lectures in the near future.”

    F. R. Larrain, MD C. M. E. Program Clinica San Borja, Peru
  • “Thank you for the incredible skills you bring to promoting our practice. You have renewed the hope and enthusiasm for attaining our long-term goals! It is indeed a pleasure and privilege to work with you! Thank you.”

    Dr. David Pousson, DDS Pousson Family Dentistry
  • “Gary is a master of mind exploration. He gives consciousness a new power.”

    A. Fensin Author of Life the Owner’s Manual
  • “Gary’s message turns the impossible into ‘I’m Possible.”

    W Mitchell Author of The Man Who Would Not Be Defeated
  • “Please accept this check on behalf of Varian Oncology Systems, for the Beyond Survivorship Seminar. Congratulations, again, on the excellent job of negotiations by all parties for the Clinic.”

    K. A. Cassidy, Dist. Mgr. Varian Oncology Systems
  • “There are two kinds of people, those who let life happen and those who make life happen. If you want to live life on purpose, Dr. Gary Arnold provides an Excellent Guide to make that happen.”

    Michael Leboef Author of Working Smart
  • “Gary’s lessons in “Beyond Survivorship” are a passionate message about attitude, belief, and change. It is a tool for personal growth.”

    Joseph G. Lake Co-founder of The Children’s Miracle Network
  • “Why do I enjoy listening to Dr. Gary Arnold’s ideas on ‘Mindful Living’? Because they work!”

    Van A. Musso Author of How to Retire Rich and Stay Rich
  • “Dear Gary, my ego just soars when speakers make me look good! I can’t thank you enough for the time and energy you put into the presentation for the Kenner Professional Women’s Association in June. Everyone certainly enjoyed hearing you and learning a thing or two.”

    M. B. Brody, First VP Kenner Professional Women’s Assoc.
  • “On behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Cancer Survivors Day Committee, I would like to thank you for your inspirational closing remarks at Cancer Survivors Day. Your speech and stories were so very moving. I noticed tears in some intent listener’s eyes. Your support helped make the day very special for those of us whose lives have been touched by cancer and I truly appreciate it.”

    C. S. Campbell, Director of Programs American Cancer Society
  • AWESOME! Gary, you were great... you were AWESOME!!!"

    Dr. Jeff Jerosinski American Express Financial
  • "Dr. Arnold, I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your pre-conference contributions. Your keynote address was wonderful. The rave reviews are still coming in. I enjoyed your professionalism, charisma, and intellect. I can see why you are considered one of the best speakers in your field. Again, thanks a million. It's an honor to work with you."

    Keith Ferguson Schering Plough
  • "You had their attention from your opening line all through the hour of your talk. I was amazed at the silence at the end of your keynote- as the message hit home- and to watch the applause and the standing ovation. Your presentation was the glue that held our meeting together. The reviews were great from everyone, management team and guests alike."

    A.J. East Jefferson Hospital
  • "I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the stories and the hands-on lessons and sales training you provided to our company. We attend courses regularly with our company and at some point in the day most had me looking at my watch to see when they'd be over. Your program went by like a rocket. The day flew by. I wished it didn't end. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of OUR business and the hands-on practical applications you taught us will benefit all our careers. I look forward to you being an active part of our events in the future. Thank you!"

    Kenny Bell Assurant
  • “On behalf of myself and the entire staff at the International WorkBoat Show & Conference, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution in making the conference the most successful and best attended WorkBoat Show. Your time and effort and expertise were very much welcomed by all. The attendee’s comments on the show survey indicated the seminars were highly informative and worthwhile. We hope that you yourself have found satisfaction in speaking at the event. Once again our sincerest thanks for your time, effort and expertise.”

    M Wieckowski, Conference Mgr. The International WorkBoat Show
  • "Over three months ago you spoke we attended your conference and our folks are still talking about the positive effects of that day. Several employees have told me that your talk was one of the best talks we've ever had in the 12 years. You are the consummate professional, warm, inspiring, challenging and authentic. Thank you."

    Bobby Blanchard Specialty Applications
  • "Two Thumbs Up. What a fun presentation. Your heartwarming, compassionate, enlightening message gave us the wakeup call we all needed." These are among the comments received following your presentation. We are all appreciating your message. Thank you for sharing your message and your life-stories with us. Monday, our unit managers meet to begin applying your tools."

    Johnny Barlow Manager, United American
  • "Your Rain Making workshop was wonderful. I can only say, 'Let Gary show you how to make it rain...money, integrity, and fun!"

    Jerry Nelson President, Eco-Aire
  • “I still continue to receive many compliments as a direct result of your presentation for our fall program. As you know, it was not without risk that we elected to replace an annual black-tie event with a community outreach program. Beyond Survivorship allowed us to reach a new audience and to form an alliance with other non-profit foundations that will help us in the future throughout our community. By far the greatest impact is on the lives you touched in such a special way that spoke not only to survivorship but beyond. Thank you also for all the help you gave us in the planning stages – marketing, programming, securing sponsors, securing the home for the patron party, and hosting W Mitchell for us.”

    J. S. Maher, Exec. Dir. The Foundation, EJ Hospital
  • “Gary shares an expression of timeless only few glimpse and even then, rarely.”

    Saul Steinberg Original Printer of A Course In Miracles
  • “I want to thank you for the wonderful talk you gave to our organization last night. After our meeting I was approached by several members who thanked me for arranging to have your there! I received nothing but positive comments on your talk with a great deal of admiration for both your presentation and content. In keeping with your presentation about bringing ourselves back to enchantment, thank you for giving us an ‘enchanted evening’.”

    S. Hess, President AGTS Jefferson Chapter

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